Human Resources Advisory

Increase the Potential of Your People and the Success of Your Business.

Customized professional HR solutions

In order to excel in today’s economy, organizations require a solid understanding of how to most effectively align their human capital potential to their strategic objectives. Leaders spend their valuable time and energy focusing on their core business and could benefit from guidance on how to best leverage the strengths of their employees.
DJB’s HR Advisory Services is committed to ensuring that our clients’ human resources needs are met by delivering innovative solutions, practical advice and real results. Our range of professional services include: compensation & benefits, employee relations, executive search & talent acquisition, health & safety and disability management, legislated training & compliance, performance management, and policy development.

We will take the time to gain an understanding of your business and culture to ensure effective solutions and advice that are properly tailored to your organization’s needs. Our level of partnership with our clients varies from a completely outsourced HR function, to providing a second opinion on an initiative already underway – and everything in between.

For over 70 years, DJB professionals have been helping clients gain the edge they need to succeed in the world of business. The same clients rely on the Firm’s Human Resources Advisory Services team to support their human capital requirements by providing flexible, professional and affordable HR solutions.

Compensation & Benefits

Maintaining competitive compensation and benefits can be challenging. Our team will work with you to review your total compensation package, conduct a market analysis and provide you with recommendations specific to your organization. We will assist you with providing equitable compensation and benefits, supporting employee retention and giving you a competitive edge while recruiting.

Employee Relations

Our professional team can support your organization through workplace investigations, formal complaint procedure implementation, and progressive discipline discussions to minimize or eliminate employee relations issues.

Executive Search & Talent Acquisition

Your employees are your greatest asset and it is essential that you attract top talent. This is especially true when placing a candidate into a leadership role on your team; someone who will be responsible for advancing the goals of your organization. Our team of HR professionals will work with you throughout the full cycle recruitment process. Through the initial stages involved in identifying qualified candidates, through to finalization of the Employment Agreement, our focused attention will be with the end result in mind; placing the ideal candidate within your organization.

Health & Safety and Disability Management

Compliance with health and safety legislation is not optional in today’s workplace. Our thorough audit and needs analysis process will assist you in determining which regulations apply to your workplace, as well as the most affordable ways to achieve and maintain compliance. Whether you require policy updates, legislated training or accommodation and return-to-work support, our team can design a comprehensive health and safety program to meet your needs.

Legislated Training & Compliance

As employment legislation continually evolves, it can be difficult to stay abreast of mandated changes and updates to the Ontario Employment Standards Act and Canada Labour Code. Our team can assist you in determining which regulations apply to your workplace, as well as providing you with affordable and customized solutions to ensure compliance.

Performance Management

Today’s managers are expected to guide, coach and provide ongoing balanced constructive feedback as well as inspire performance. Our team can provide you with the tools and training to implement a straightforward and effective performance management program that includes collaborative goal setting, ongoing feedback sessions and employee self-reviews.

Policy Development

When employees understand what is expected of them, they are more engaged and able to excel in their position. Our team can assist you with ensuring that key information is effectively communicated and understood by your employees by compiling your policies, best practices and procedures into a clear and concise Employee Manual.