DJB Wealth Management Inc. has entered into a relationship with Independent Accountants’ Investment Counsel Inc. (IAIC) to meet the growing demand from clients for financial planning and investment management. The goal is to help our clients achieve success by providing professional, unbiased advice while acting with integrity and honesty, and always placing our clients’ best interests first.

Through working with your Accountant, IAIC benefits from the long-lasting relationship and familiarity your Accountant has with your personal and financial situation. This allows our integrated team of DJB Accountants and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS, along with IAIC’s team of Financial Planners and Portfolio Managers, to provide a comprehensive and customized wealth management service.

Through this integrated team approach, we work in collaboration to provide customized financial planning and wealth management strategies for clients that reflect their goals, needs and priorities both now and in the future.

Our team of dedicated  CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS will work with you to provide comprehensive financial planning, which will help IAIC’s portfolio managers develop an investment strategy that is customized to your situation.

At DJB, we take great pride in supporting the success of all our clients while helping them transition in a way that best suits their needs.

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