Posted on May 19th, 2020 in Human Resources Advisory

HR COVID-19 Audit: Proactive Planning for Employers

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On May 14th, Doug Ford announced the plan to phase out its semi-lockdown starting on May 19th. We can help walk you through the critical steps you should consider for the return to work and re-opening of your business.

We are excited to announce the launch of our Human Resources COVID-19 Audit. Whether you have employees who are not currently working (layoff or voluntarily), working from home, or who are still actively working in your facilities, all organizations have been impacted by this pandemic. Employers are expected to establish new protocols while maintaining productivity, employee engagement and company culture during this unprecedented time.

We’ve created this audit to help you navigate your operations safely and with confidence while ensuring you have considered and covered all facets of human resources. We will ask you to complete an online survey with a series of questions and in return, we will provide you with a comprehensive and customized report with resources, planning tools and a checklist to assess the critical next steps for your organization.

For example, employees have likely cancelled or postponed any planned vacations. This may lead to an increased amount of vacation requests for the same time that you may not be able to accommodate. Be proactive by asking your employees when they were hoping to take their vacation, develop a process on how you will consistently approve or deny any requests, and consider a temporary policy change to allow employees to carry over their vacation into 2021. Don’t forget that as employers you have the ability to schedule employee vacation but it should ideally be used as a last resort, as you will want to continue to foster your positive employee relationships.

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