Posted on June 18th, 2019 in Human Resources Advisory

Why Hiring a Third-party Certified Human Resources Investigator is More Important Now than Ever

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Ontario’s Workplace Violence and Harassment legislation was amended in 2016 to include sexual harassment and sexual violence. Since then, over 3500 employers have been cited for violations of this legislation. Under this same legislation, employers must investigate all harassment complaints from employees. These investigations should ideally be completed by a third-party Certified Investigator.

Did you know that all workplaces must have a policy on workplace violence and harassment, and that this policy must be reviewed annually? New data shows that of the total violations issued between September 2016 and January 2018, 16% were for failing to have a written workplace violence and harassment policy, and 22% were for failing to have a written harassment complaint procedure. Employees must also be provided with training that outlines the responsibilities and complaint procedure.

Upon analysis of these violations, the industry with the highest occurrence of Ministry of Labour orders was “food services and drinking places”. It is a common misconception that food services or restaurant franchises have protection through their parent company corporate policies. In fact, franchises must establish and enforce their own Workplace Violence and Harassment policies and procedures.

Our team of HR Professionals and Certified Investigators can ensure that you are compliant with all Workplace Violence and Harassment Legislation. DJB HR Advisory Services offers full-cycle investigations, Workplace Violence and Harassment training, and policy development and review.