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Ontario Budget Proposed Tax Measures Related to Agribusiness

Ontario Budget Proposed Tax Measures Related to Agribusiness

As part of Ontario’s efforts to encourage job growth in the agriculture sector and support rural economies, a review has been undertaken on the property tax treatment of small-scale agricultural processing and commercial activities on farms.

Based on discussions with municipal representatives and agricultural organizations, the government is introducing a legislative framework that would provide municipalities with flexibility to reduce property tax rates for eligible small-scale value-added and commercial activities on farms. Currently, these operations are taxed at industrial or commercial rates. Under the proposed changes, a portion of the assessment attributable to the value-added processing or commercial activity would be eligible to be taxed by the municipality at a reduced rate.

This measure is intended to provide sustainable property tax treatment to farmers who diversify their operations by engaging in small-scale processing or retail activities as a direct extension of their farming business.

We intend to follow this proposal closely and provide additional information as soon as it becomes available. For clarification please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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