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Payroll Advances = Tax Consequence

Payroll Advances = Tax Consequence

In an April 26, 2016 Technical Interpretation, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) opined that where an employer provides a payroll advance to an employee, the amount is not generally considered to be a loan. A salary advance is a payment for salary, wages or commissions that an employee is expected to earn in the performance of future services. These amounts are generally included in the employee’s income in the year the advance is received.

If a repayment by the employee is required, a deduction is available in the tax year in which the repayment was made. The deduction cannot exceed the advance that was previously included in the employee’s income from employment.

Action Item: When providing an advance to an employee, ensure that the employee clearly understands the tax implications.

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Article originally published in: Tax Tips & Traps 2017 First Quarter – Issue 117.