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Posted on May 26, 2016 by djb | Posted in General Business Articles

It’s often saidJoining together that ‘two heads are better than one’. With that in mind, the Business Valuation and Economic Loss groups have formally joined forces to serve their clients. In this case, that means six ‘heads’, which is clearly better than one…or two!

Our Economic Loss Quantification (ELQ) group is under the direction of Brent Pyper, CPA, CA, CFF, CFP (Hamilton). His client service team includes Scott Paulin, CPA, CA, IFA, CFF (Hamilton) and Dave Grebenc, CPA, CA (Hamilton) who service the Golden Horseshoe. The ELQ group works with plaintiff and defence lawyers as well as insurance adjusters in the preparation of a variety of economic loss calculations in areas such as:

  •                         Motor vehicle accident tort claims
  •                         Income replacement benefit (IRB) calculations
  •                         Slip and fall claims
  •                         Medical malpractice claims
  •                         Dependency claims
  •                         Long-term disability claims
  •                         Valuation of future care cost analysis

Our Business Valuation (BV) group is led by Dwayne Pyper, CPA, CA, CBV, Q.Med. (Niagara North/Hamilton). His client service team includes Rob Smith, CPA, CA, CBV, CFF (Hamilton/Burlington) and Colin Cook, CPA, CA, CBV (Welland/Niagara North). The BV group prepares business valuation reports to meet a variety of needs, including the following:

  •                         Business transition planning
  •                         Business investments, acquisitions, divestitures
  •                         Estate and tax planning
  •                         Litigation or negotiation related to matrimonial disputes
  •                         Litigation or negotiation related to shareholder disputes
  •                         Valuing intangible assets

Beyond business valuation reports, the BV group also prepares Guideline Income and Disposition Cost reports for matrimonial litigation; Quality of Earnings reports and the completion of due diligence work for business acquisitions; and mediation services related to financial disputes between disgruntled shareholders or spouses.

It became clear to us that, in order to serve our clients and referral sources to the absolute best of our ability, we needed to formally join forces and have a larger, cross-trained team allowing us to put the very best, most experienced team members on each and every assignment. We refer to ourselves as the Financial Services Advisory Team (FSAT) and we are ready to serve you!

We are looking to increase the amount of ELQ work done throughout the Golden Horseshoe and in particular, within the Niagara Region. We also know that there is a great need for the types of business valuation and related litigation support services that we offer. Finally, Dwayne Pyper has recently completed his Q.Med. designation and coupling that with over 35 years in public accounting (more than 15 as a CBV), he is in a unique position to assist a wide variety of parties in the settlement of financial disputes.

When we are asked “How’s business?” we like to reply…”Business is good and we are looking for more!”. We are here to serve you and we look forward to the chance to discuss how we can help you make those difficult situations easier to handle.

Article written by: Dwayne Pyper, CPA, CA, CBV, Q.Med

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