FSAT – DJB’s Economic Loss and Accident Benefits Group

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DJB’s Economic Loss and Accident Benefits Group

Our Economic Loss and Accident Benefits (ELAB) Group was founded in 1987 when Andy James joined the Firm and brought experience in business valuation and loss of income investigations.  Over the years, Andy became very well known and respected in the community, conducting seminars on insurance matters and serving as an expert witness in court matters.  The group grew over the years with the addition of Brent Pyper (2001), Rob Smith (2001), Dave Grebenc (2005), and Yulena Wan (2009).  Rob now works primarily in DJB’s Business Valuation group, and sadly, the group and Firm lost Andy in July 2010 shortly after his retirement.

Today, the ELBG Group is a branch of DJB’s Financial Services Advisory Team (FSAT).  With Brent at its helm, the team is comprised of three specialists who are well versed in complex litigation matters.  Its litigation support services offer research, calculations and reports of an accounting nature to those involved with existing or pending litigation.  More specifically, services largely deal with the quantification of economic damages arising from events such as motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall claims, medical malpractice, and long term disability.  A large part of this work involves understanding many pieces of constantly evolving legislation.  The most common includes the Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS) laws that provide no-fault insurance coverage for drivers, passengers or pedestrians suffering injury or death in an automobile collision.  The group’s work also engages them in detailed reviews of complex insurance policies, employment contracts, union agreements and pension plans.  Over the years, the group has gained extensive experience in working with both employed and self-employed individuals covering a wide range of industries.

In an increasingly litigious society, the ELAB Group works primarily with plaintiff lawyers, but also with defence lawyers, insurance companies and adjusting firms.  Strong relationships have been established with the personal injury practices of local law firms.  Litigation can be a long and expensive process, so the group works closely with lawyers and their clients to provide expert witness reports that are then presented to both judges and juries at mediation, arbitrations and trials.

As a means of business development and training, the ELAB Group has been participating as sponsors of the annual conferences held by the Hamilton Law Association and Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association.  The group also plays active roles through participation and sponsorship of various fundraising events throughout the year.  In particular, Brent sits on the Board of Directors of the Hamilton Brain Injury Association while Dave is involved in committee work with the Canadian Paraplegic Association/Spinal Cord Injury Canada.

Written by:
Yulena Wan, C.A.
DJB Financial Services
January, 2013