Profit Clue – AODA – Is your organization AODA compliant?

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Profit Clue – AODA – Is your organization AODA compliant?

In January 2012 the Occupational Health & Safety Act was amended to ensure all companies, regardless of size, become compliant with the new legislation: Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA). The legislation requires that anyone with a disability have the same access to companies’ goods and services as able bodied people. Therefore, every company in Ontario must develop Customer Service Standards and provide AODA training to all staff, contractors, volunteers and temporary employees.

Employers must post a copy of their Customer Service Standards in a public place in their company, as well as on their website. For companies with more than 20 employees, the company must report into Government by December 2012 regarding their progress to-date in ensuring their goods and services can be accessed by people with disabilities. For example, if a company has a brochure, they must be able to provide it in large print to someone who is visually impaired.

As with Bill 168 (Violence in the Workplace) which came into effect in December 2009, the Government has more than 200 additional officers inspecting workplaces to ensure employers are compliant with the AODA.

Many organizations are not compliant yet with the AODA and in fact, are not compliant with the requirements of Bill 168.

In order to assist these organizations, DJB has developed two on-line training programs; Bill 168 Training and AODA Training. The training is a simple web-based program; and we provide our clients not only with the training, but with the Customer Service Standards policy, and the Bill 168 Anti-Harassment and Anti-Violence Policy, and we track the training and provide the client with the documentation they will be required to produce if an OH&S officer does an inspection.

Please contact Jacq Hammond at or your DJB representative for further information on how to access the DJB training programs.